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The Life of Times
29 February 1984
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Hello, info readers. I guess I should tell you about myself here in this new and informative mini-biography About Me. I am a male for those of you ladies wondering, "is this hunk male, or what?". Yes. I am. And for those of you males wondering, I would have to say yes to you too because I'm not a liar. My age and location are scattered through my info page. See if you can find them!

Disclaimer: I'm not necessarily interested in everything in my interests section and not being listed in my interests section does not necessarily mean it's not interesting to me.
abusing heroin, advertising, alphabetter, antidisestablishmentarianism, applause, auto-cannibalism, automatics, being interested necessarily, being nervous, being right, being so popular, bestiaries, blatant lying, bodacious, books, breaching protocol, broken things, calvin and hobbes, capitalism, casting away stones, children, communism, complying with unreasonable requests, conan o'brian, conan o'brien, conan o'brion, conan o'jon brion, confusing people, corporations, damnyankees, disciplining children, disreprivalize, diving head first, eating creatine, edible treats, epithets, friends, funny things, giants, global industry enterprises, growing hair, growing weary, guitar, hanging up, having interests, hydromatics, hypocrites, hypocritically hating myspace, indifference, innuendo, interesting things, jack lalanne, jotun, junk, kurt vonnegut, laughing at misfortunes, leaping days, lists, literature, loving myslef, m. le comte, manual-cannibalism, me, message boarding, misfortunes, movies, mythology, new words, not being unnecessarily interested, not being unnecessarily uninteresting, not combing, not getting hacked, numbness, old words, out selling the competitor, party hats, pheremones, pictures, pizza, poker, praise from strangers, pretending to be depressed, quotation marks, robots, rubbernecking, sarcasm, scandinavia, sell outs, selling out, setting a bad example, sick people, slurs, spelling, ssdd, stalking, stealing babies, stevie blunder, string, systamtics, talking to children, teaching kids to steal, that smell, the golden rule, the pacific, thumbing up, treading on me, trumpet, twist endings, verifying picture i.d., water, western spaghetti, words like 'copious', yarn, ñ